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If i have time i will create some poses like those, and publish they here. I was distressed about how many rude and very rude people I met there probably as everyone says: Anyway, click which ever one you want, in your case, away or Offline and your friends will no longer know that you're online.

It confused the heck out of me the first time I tried playing it I'm currently looking at rooms but won't go into any non empty ones. Asian movie stars nude. Naked imvu girls. You pick your country, then you put in your cell phone number, and it sends a text message to your phone with a verification number, then you enter the verification number and it'll do the transaction.

Black item users also do peer reviewing on virtual products waiting to be submitted into the catalog. P im playing it more these days, but smallworlds is staying first as always: You can attend a live chat for more info and they advise that you do so after you purchase your credits.

Join the VIP Program! I know pretty well, mate. If it was on the browser web then maybe i'd test it out and play it but downloading is so unsafe with the viruses out there.

Never really got on. OP Sat Aug 17, 2: Smallworlds has the abitly for you to walk to or do whatever you want in imvu its pretty much limited. Ok enough, you finished the tutorial. No Download Because Download can equal viruses. Go ahead and add me idc. Me nude video. So IMVU is more of a younger crowd but they also have a ton of adults on there and IMVU does extremely well to keep the two from encountering one another in such ways.

IMVU is rated family If I buy British pounds, I pay euros. Virtual games in general, however, SW falls far behind compared to a few I play. IMVU is about romance that why Im not playing. You need to be 18 years or older to buy it. I went to his homepage to view his outfit and he didn't have the trigger on the outfit.

I mean it's okay, but it's not the type of game I was looking to play. Posted May 5, Posting here only gives others the idea to continue the behavior. The game is nasty and I would in no way compare it to SmallWorlds. But for all u Playaz who r listening 2 diz bro go for smallworldz ghee. GA males can be topless sure. The overwhelming number of people that I know that have partners or a gf or bf keep any sexual activity they may engage in private just like adults do in RL.

Here is your free Credits!

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Users also devote time to customizing their individual homepages, setting up public and AP private rooms, creating and participating in user groups similar to forums but personalized via the ownerand participate in the Community forums.

I have stayd loyal to smallworlds for that: Met cool people and became as addicted as I was to SW. Tori welles lesbian. What do you think?

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Start looking in Xat Chat Rooms. Love this game and have seen so many leave and come back. Sat Aug 17, 3: But i'd rather play on sw because i'm more sociable. They are a bit alike to me, though Smallworlds is a bit more strict. Some of us have an account on both sites. They could have included it, just kinds of tells me sw is embarrassed to admit that.

But i guess that if you're looking for a 3D prospective of things, then go with imvu. Naked imvu girls. Nothing beats smallworlds bro. How do you buy a name on imvu? Thu Apr 02, 3: Display posts from previous: And this site I used is useful when it's needed, trusted or not.

Doesn't it make you download? Ok enough, you finished the tutorial. Penis nude pic. Sat May 16, 6: Also you are not allowed to link due to this rule: Though, I can't see the image, so I could be way off. Smallworlds is better in my opinion. Also the wedding dress for me isn't really that big of a deal The reason why some people are saying that it has a virus is because their computer becomes a bit slower than usual, but it's probably because they have little storage left considering that fact that imvu takes up about kb 0.

The same thing can happen to hairs, or shoes or even bottoms. Unfortunatley, I dont like spending money on my credit card, and I don't want a game site to have my credit card, so I cant get AP, and I would like the exclipt things to be free for me.

I instantly logged off and uninstalled it. Seriously, that game used

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I have seen video's of IMVU and it's so dirty, and ridiculous. Lauren london tits. So to split the two Can you play IMVU without downloading it? I would go for Smallworlds all the way. Lol that's because SL is very much considered a 3D porn site as well as a chat site as well as a game. I hope Smallworlds Staff reads some my suggestions. OP Sat Aug 17, 5: And I think the stuff on smallworlds is better. Naked imvu girls. Free download nude girls If you're not AP there is products that are naked.

Then load them into your room and have you and your partner get in them. Not all imvu is like that. Secondly, if you see underage people, report it. No matter what website you're on there's usually going to be something not too pleasant.

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